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As a Moreton estate agent, we may be biased but with the beauty of suburban life and closeness to coastal delights, Moreton is one of the most popular places for families to live.l

In its early years, Moreton presented a very different landscape than it does now, far from the bustling village that it has developed into. Originally Moreton was a tiny village with a few houses, farms and a church at the heart of the community. It was only after the Second World War when industry and trade began to boom and life returned to normal, that Moreton started to attract many people to its suburban streets.

Although Moreton may have lost its vast fields and farms, it has certainly never lost its connection to the church or community. It is with these strong values that make Moreton a very attractive place for the families and why it has developed into a largely residential area with a buzzing village centre of Moreton Cross. This bustling area is where you can find many local businesses (including our very own Moreton branch!) and local residents shopping, lunching and relaxing in one of the many exciting businesses. From food stores and banks to yoga studios and coffee shops, Moreton Cross is really at the heart of the community.

Despite all what Moreton has to offer, house prices in Moreton tend to be lower than other parts of the Wirral, including nearby Meols, making it an attractive place for families to enjoy their pick of beautiful, affordable homes. As a Wirral estate agent with roots in Moreton, if you are looking for your next home here, there is no better people to help than Bradshaw Farnham & Lea Moreton! 

Five Quick Facts about Moreton, Wirral

A Hovercraft Over Water 1 Moreton witnessed the world's first commercial passenger and mail hovercraft service running from Leasowe embankment to Rhyl. The service commenced in July 1962, however, due to varying reasons including bad weather and technical difficulties the service was cancelled after its final journey in September 1962.  Mockbeggar Wharf in Wirral 2 Mockbeggar Wharf, as it is locally known stretches from Meols to Leasowe, named after Mockbeggar Hall (Leasowe Castle). The name is thought to come from the term ‘lone house’ which sailors would refer to.   Factory Workers in Chocolate Factory 3 In the 1950s, the much-loved chocolate brand of Cadbury’s developed a production site in Moreton for the making of their products. At the height of its success, it was the workplace of around 4,000 people.  Leasowe Castle in the Wirral 4 Now a popular wedding resort, the beautiful Leasowe Castle was originally built by the 5th Earl of Derby in 1593. The walls were built around one metre thick and the door six feet above ground level to protect it from the tide. During the First World War, it was even used to house German prisoners.  Anglo Saxon highlighted in old dictionary 5 The name ‘Moreton’ is derived from Anglo-Saxon, ‘More’ coming from the word for ‘Marsh’ and ‘Tun’ meaning ‘Settlement’. 

Lifestyle & Activities

Moreton is home to a large Christian community and has many churches within the village to reflect all the denominations of Christianity that live in the area.

Christ Church, which caters for the Church of England followers, is located on Upton Road is the largest in the area. Along with the traditional sessions of worship, the church plays host to various community events throughout the week including Craft Club, Brownies and Toddler Groups. Likewise, Sacred Heart Catholic Church is at the centre of its local community, acting as a place of worship for those who follow the Catholic faith. The church offers weekly services for its parishioners, including school children from the local Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School and St. Mary’s Catholic College.

Another place of worship is the Moreton Methodist Church which is a fantastic source of community events, offering classes such as Sensory Art for Babies, Zuma, Girls Union and the Boys Brigade. For those who are new in the community, or perhaps even longstanding residents looking to become acquainted with their neighbours, visiting one of the clubs at the church is a great place to start.

For those who enjoy the great outdoors, Moreton offers a lot when it comes to green spaces, waters and sporting activities. Moreton Beach is on the north coast of the Wirral and with a long stretch of sandy beaches, it is popular with dog walkers, horse riders and families enjoying a leisurely stroll along the sand. During the summer, here is where you can find many residents setting up picnics and enjoying some good old-fashioned summer fun. 


With several churches located within the area, Moreton is home to many church schools across all denominations. The Christ Church Moreton C.E Primary School is located near the Parish of Christ Church and works closely with the Reverend and his ministry team, who visit the school each week to speak to the children during service. In its most recent Ofsted report, the school achieved a rating of ‘Good’, with the inspector noting that many parents, who responded to their questionnaire, said that ‘the school really cares for the children’.

For those who follow the Catholic faith, the Sacred Heart Primary School is a popular choice amongst parents wanting to educate their children in a church school. When Ofsted visited the school in 2015, the school received a rating of ‘good’ from the inspectors who noted that both leadership and the behaviour and safety of pupils were ‘outstanding’. Religious Education is featured heavily in the curriculum and the school often visits the local parish to take part in Mass.

With a school motto of ‘Bringing Learning to Life’, Eastway Primary School has an exciting and engaging curriculum which will educate and prepare children for the future. In 2014, Ofsted gave the school an overall rating of ‘Good’ and noted that the majority of parents believed that the school provided a good education for their children. Along with the standard curriculum, the school offers a variety of extra-curricular activities including Mindfulness & Relaxation, Knitting, French and Club Energy!

The Orrets Meadow School is a special school for children who have an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), Special Learning Difficulty (SpLD) or have communicative difficulties including Autism. In the school’s most recent Ofsted report, it achieved an ‘Outstanding’ rating in all areas. With educating children with special needs, the school adopts alternative teaching methods including multi-sensory techniques, smaller classes and specially-trained teachers.

For older children, Moreton is home to Clare Mount Specialist Sports College, which provides secondary education for both boys and girls, dealing with a range of learning needs including Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Moderate Learning Difficulties. The curriculum offers varied learning for children throughout the key stages and in Key Stage 5, includes subjects within the areas of ‘Aspiring Me’, ‘Responsible Me’ and ‘Independent Me’, which include teachings on childcare, home and life skills as well as work experience. With a varied and fulfilling curriculum, there is no wonder why the school achieved an ‘Outstanding’ rating from Ofsted in its most recent report.

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